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Horticultural workshops

Helping the people your support grow and flourish

Are you looking to offer a new challenge to a person you support? Englefield Garden Centre can provide a safe and relaxing environment for the person supported to socially engage with other adults with similar needs.

We co-ordinate and run a horticultural workshop which we can adapt to fit the needs of the individual, sessions cost just £11.90 an hour with our trained staff team, we use the workshop to bring positive change to people we support with the opportunity in also growing their confidence.

Horticulture is known as a way to help adults with learning disabilities express their feelings but also grow their self confidence whilst learning about the basics of horticultural tasks like potting up plants, pricking out and much more.

Our workshops cost just £11.90 an hour, and run from 10am-12.30pm, and from 1pm-3.30pm.

Please email or call 0118 930 4898 for more information.