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Caring for your orchids

Phalaenopsis or Moth Orchids as they are also known are the most popular Houseplants in the UK, and, if you follow these 10 Golden Rules very easy to look after.

1. They like to be kept in a warm room

2. They do not like direct sunlight as this can scorch their leaves

3. In the wild they grow on trees with their roots dangling in the moist, warm, dappled shade. They prefer to be grown in a clear container so that their roots can see the sun.

4, They like moist air around their roots, which is why they grow in a special type of compost, this is also why they poke their roots out of the top of the pot, it is a sign that they are happy, and is not a sign that they need potting. Misting these roots every morning will keep your orchid happy.

5. Orchids do not need much water, a little tepid water every 3 weeks in the winter and a little more often in the summer will suffice.

6. If the leaves start to go yellow this your orchid telling you that it is being overwatered.

7. Once the flowers have gone over, the stem should be cut back, but not all the way. Just to a node, (which is a dormant bud, that feels like a tiny lump) on the flower stem) with a bit of luck a new flower spike will develop very quickly and within a few weeks the plant will be in flower again.

8. The leaves can be kept clean of dust by wiping the leaf with a cotton wool ball dipped in water with a little bit of milk.

9. We recommend using Orchid Myst as a feed, this can be sprayed onto the leaves and will give them all of the essential nutrients they need.

10. When your orchid re-flowers add a new cane with a clip to help to keep the new flower spike straight and tall.

We hope you enjoy your orchid, if you follow these instructions then you should get years of pleasure out of your plant.