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Our plants

Passionate about plants

Our dedicated staff team and adults with learning disabilities, (who produce many of the plants that we sell) enjoy potting, sowing seeds, weeding and top dressing; but the thing they most enjoy is watching our delighted customers buying them!

We also know that selecting the right plant for the right place can be daunting, and so we are always available to give you the right advice to allow you to place the right plant in the right place at the right time to get truly spectacular results.

In our plant area you will find:

  • “Home grown” bedding and garden plants
  • Delicious herbs
  • Colourful cottage garden perennials
  • Traditional roses, with the sweetest scent
  • Specially selected vegetable plants sown by us from seed to allow you to “grow your own”
  • Top quality shrubs, ornamental and fruit trees
  • Sensible, knowledgeable advice from our team of growers
  • Inspiration

We sell a huge selection of both foliage and flowering houseplants, including orchids, as well as a range of products to keep your houseplants in tip top condition, including:

    • Orchid food
    • Orchid pots
    • Orchid compost
    • Houseplant food
    • Houseplant compost
    • Citrus feeds
    • Watering cans